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# Copyright (c) 2008-2010, Michael Gorven, Stefano Rivera, Jonathan Hitchcock
# Released under terms of the MIT/X/Expat Licence. See COPYING for details.

from urllib2 import HTTPError
from time import time
from datetime import datetime
import re
import logging

import feedparser

from ibid.compat import dt_strptime
from ibid.config import DictOption
from ibid.plugins import Processor, match, handler
from ibid.utils import ago, decode_htmlentities, json_webservice

log = logging.getLogger('plugins.social')
help = {}

help['lastfm'] = u'Lists the tracks last listened to by the specified user.'
class LastFm(Processor):
    u"last.fm for <username>"

    feature = "lastfm"

    def listsongs(self, event, username):
        songs = feedparser.parse('http://ws.audioscrobbler.com/1.0/user/%s/recenttracks.rss?%s' % (username, time()))
        if songs['bozo']:
            event.addresponse(u'No such user')
            event.addresponse(u', '.join(u'%s (%s ago)' % (
                    ago(event.time - dt_strptime(e.updated, '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S +0000'), 1)
                ) for e in songs['entries']))

help["microblog"] = u"Looks up messages on microblogging services like twitter and identica."
class Twitter(Processor):
    u"""latest (tweet|identica) from <name>
    (tweet|identica) <number>"""

    feature = "microblog"

    default = {
        'twitter':   {'endpoint': 'http://twitter.com/',   'api': 'twitter',  'name': 'tweet', 'user': 'twit'},
        'tweet':     {'endpoint': 'http://twitter.com/',   'api': 'twitter',  'name': 'tweet', 'user': 'twit'},
        'identica':  {'endpoint': 'http://identi.ca/api/', 'api': 'laconica', 'name': 'dent',  'user': 'denter'},
        'identi.ca': {'endpoint': 'http://identi.ca/api/', 'api': 'laconica', 'name': 'dent',  'user': 'denter'},
        'dent':      {'endpoint': 'http://identi.ca/api/', 'api': 'laconica', 'name': 'dent',  'user': 'denter'},
    services = DictOption('services', 'Micro blogging services', default)

    class NoSuchUserException(Exception):

    def setup(self):
        self.update.im_func.pattern = re.compile(r'^(%s)\s+(\d+)$' % '|'.join(self.services.keys()), re.I)
        self.latest.im_func.pattern = re.compile(r'^(?:latest|last)\s+(%s)\s+(?:update\s+)?(?:(?:by|from|for)\s+)?@?(\S+)$'
                % '|'.join(self.services.keys()), re.I)

    def remote_update(self, service, id):
        status = json_webservice('%sstatuses/show/%s.json' % (service['endpoint'], id))

        return {'screen_name': status['user']['screen_name'], 'text': decode_htmlentities(status['text'])}

    def remote_latest(self, service, user):
        statuses = json_webservice(
                '%sstatuses/user_timeline/%s.json' % (service['endpoint'], user.encode('utf-8')),
                {'count': 1})

        if not statuses:
            raise self.NoSuchUserException(user)

        latest = statuses[0]

        if service['api'] == 'twitter':
            url = '%s%s/status/%i' % (service['endpoint'], latest['user']['screen_name'], latest['id'])
        elif service['api'] == 'laconica':
            url = '%s/notice/%i' % (service['endpoint'].split('/api/', 1)[0], latest['id'])

        return {
            'text': decode_htmlentities(latest['text']),
            'ago': ago(datetime.utcnow() - dt_strptime(latest['created_at'], '%a %b %d %H:%M:%S +0000 %Y')),
            'url': url,

    def update(self, event, service_name, id):
        service = self.services[service_name.lower()]
            event.addresponse(u'%(screen_name)s: "%(text)s"', self.remote_update(service, int(id)))
        except HTTPError, e:
            if e.code in (401, 403):
                event.addresponse(u'That %s is private', service['name'])
            elif e.code == 404:
                event.addresponse(u'No such %s', service['name'])
                event.addresponse(u'I can only see the Fail Whale')

    def latest(self, event, service_name, user):
        service = self.services[service_name.lower()]
            event.addresponse(u'"%(text)s" %(ago)s ago, %(url)s', self.remote_latest(service, user))
        except HTTPError, e:
            if e.code in (401, 403):
                event.addresponse(u"Sorry, %s's feed is private", user)
            elif e.code == 404:
                event.addresponse(u'No such %s', service['user'])
                event.addresponse(u'I can only see the Fail Whale')
        except self.NoSuchUserException, e:
                event.addresponse(u'No such %s', service['user'])

    @match(r'^https?://(?:www\.)?twitter\.com/[^/ ]+/statuse?s?/(\d+)$')
    def twitter(self, event, id):
        self.update(event, u'twitter', id)

    def identica(self, event, id):
        self.update(event, u'identica', id)

# vi: set et sta sw=4 ts=4:

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