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# Copyright (c) 2008-2010, Michael Gorven, Stefano Rivera
# Released under terms of the MIT/X/Expat Licence. See COPYING for details.

"""Logs messages sent and received."""

from datetime import datetime
from os.path import dirname, join, expanduser
from os import chmod, makedirs

from dateutil.tz import tzlocal, tzutc

import ibid
from ibid.plugins import Processor, handler
from ibid.config import Option, BoolOption
from ibid.event import Event

class Log(Processor):

    addressed = False
    processed = True
    event_types = (u'message', u'state', u'action', u'notice')
    priority = 1900

    log = Option('log', 'Log file to log messages to. Can contain substitutions: source, channel, year, month, day',

    timestamp_format = Option('timestamp_format', 'Format to substitute %(timestamp)s with', '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S%z')
    date_utc = BoolOption('date_utc', 'Log with UTC timestamps', False)

    message_format = Option('message_format', 'Format string for messages',
            u'%(timestamp)s <%(sender_nick)s> %(message)s')
    action_format = Option('action_format', 'Format string for actions',
            u'%(timestamp)s * %(sender_nick)s %(message)s')
    notice_format = Option('notice_format', 'Format string for notices',
            u'%(timestamp)s -%(sender_nick)s- %(message)s')
    presence_format = Option('presence_format', 'Format string for presence events',
            u'%(timestamp)s %(sender_nick)s (%(sender_connection)s) is now %(state)s')
    rename_format = Option('rename_format', 'Format string for rename events',
            u'%(timestamp)s %(sender_nick)s (%(sender_connection)s) has renamed to %(new_nick)s')

    public_mode = Option('public_mode',
            u'File Permissions mode for public channels, in octal', '644')
    private_mode = Option('private_mode',
            u'File Permissions mode for private chats, in octal', '640')
    dir_mode = Option('dir_mode',
            u'Directory Permissions mode, in octal', '755')

    logs = {}

    def get_logfile(self, event):
        when = event.time
        if not self.date_utc:
            when = when.replace(tzinfo=tzutc()).astimezone(tzlocal())

        channel = ibid.sources[event.source].logging_name(event.channel)
        filename = self.log % {
                'source': event.source.replace('/', '-'),
                'channel': channel.replace('/', '-'),
                'year': when.year,
                'month': when.month,
                'day': when.day,
        filename = join(ibid.options['base'], expanduser(filename))
        if filename not in self.logs:
                makedirs(dirname(filename), int(self.dir_mode, 8))
            except OSError, e:
                if e.errno != 17:
                    raise e

            file = open(filename, 'a')
            self.logs[filename] = file
            if event.get('public', True):
                chmod(filename, int(self.public_mode, 8))
                chmod(filename, int(self.private_mode, 8))

        return self.logs[filename]

    def log_event(self, event):
        when = event.time
        if not self.date_utc:
            when = when.replace(tzinfo=tzutc()).astimezone(tzlocal())

        format = {
                'message': self.message_format,
                'state': self.presence_format,
                'action': self.action_format,
                'notice': self.notice_format,

        # We get two events on a rename, ignore one of them
        if event.type == 'state' and hasattr(event, 'othername'):
            if event.state == 'online':
            format = self.rename_format

        fields = {
                'source': event.source,
                'channel': event.channel,
                'sender_connection': event.sender['connection'],
                'sender_id': event.sender['id'],
                'sender_nick': event.sender['nick'],
                'timestamp': unicode(

        if event.type == 'state':
            if hasattr(event, 'othername'):
                fields['new_nick'] = event.othername
                fields['state'] = event.state
        elif isinstance(event.message, dict):
            fields['message'] = event.message['raw']
            fields['message'] = event.message

        file = self.get_logfile(event)

        file.write((format % fields).encode('utf-8') + '\n')

    def log_handler(self, event):

        for response in event.responses:
            if 'reply' in response and isinstance(response['reply'], basestring):
                type = 'message'
                if response.get('action', False):
                    type = 'action'
                elif response.get('notice', False):
                    type = 'notice'
                e = Event(response['source'], type)
                e.source = response['source']
                e.channel = response['target']
                e.time = datetime.utcnow()
                e.sender = {
                    'id': ibid.config['botname'],
                    'connection': ibid.config['botname'],
                    'nick': ibid.config['botname'],
                e.message = response['reply']

# vi: set et sta sw=4 ts=4:

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