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# Copyright (c) 2008-2010, Michael Gorven
# Released under terms of the MIT/X/Expat Licence. See COPYING for details.

import logging

from twisted.web import server, resource, static, xmlrpc, soap
from twisted.application import internet
from twisted.internet import reactor
from pkg_resources import resource_filename
from jinja import Environment, PackageLoader

import ibid
from ibid.source import IbidSourceFactory
from ibid.event import Event
from ibid.config import Option, IntOption

templates = Environment(loader=PackageLoader('ibid', 'templates'))

class Index(resource.Resource):

    def __init__(self, name, *args, **kwargs):
        resource.Resource.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
        self.name = name
        self.log = logging.getLogger('source.%s' % name)
        self.template = templates.get_template('index.html')

    def render_GET(self, request):
        return self.template.render(rpc=ibid.rpc.keys()).encode('utf-8')

class Message(resource.Resource):

    def __init__(self, name, *args, **kwargs):
        resource.Resource.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
        self.name = name
        self.log = logging.getLogger('source.%s' % name)
        self.form_template = templates.get_template('message_form.html')

    def render_GET(self, request):
        if 'm' in request.args:
            return self.render_POST(request)

        return self.form_template.render().encode('utf-8')

    def render_POST(self, request):
        event = Event(self.name, u'message')
        event.sender['nick'] = event.sender['id'] = event.sender['connection'] = event.channel = unicode(request.transport.getPeer().host)
        event.addressed = True
        event.public = False
        event.message = unicode(request.args['m'][0], 'utf-8', 'replace')
        self.log.debug(u"Received GET request from %s: %s", event.sender['connection'], event.message)
        ibid.dispatcher.dispatch(event).addCallback(self.respond, request)
        return server.NOT_DONE_YET

    def respond(self, event, request):
        output = '\n'.join([response['reply'].encode('utf-8') for response in event.responses])
        request.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/plain; charset=utf-8')
        self.log.debug(u"Responded to request from %s: %s", event.sender['connection'], output)

class Plugin(resource.Resource):

    def __init__(self, name, *args, **kwargs):
        resource.Resource.__init__(self, *args, **kwargs)
        self.name = name

    def getChild(self, path, request):
        return path in ibid.rpc and ibid.rpc[path] or None

class XMLRPC(xmlrpc.XMLRPC):

    def _getFunction(self, functionPath):
        if functionPath.find(self.separator) != -1:
            plugin, functionPath = functionPath.split(self.separator, 1)
            object = ibid.rpc[plugin]
            object = self

        return getattr(object, 'remote_%s' % functionPath)

class SOAP(soap.SOAPPublisher):

    separator = '.'

    def lookupFunction(self, functionName):
        if functionName.find(self.separator) != -1:
            plugin, functionName = functionName.split(self.separator, 1)
            object = ibid.rpc[plugin]
            object = self

        return getattr(object, 'remote_%s' % functionName)

class SourceFactory(IbidSourceFactory):

    port = IntOption('port', 'Port number to listen on', 8080)
    myurl = Option('url', 'URL to advertise')

    def __init__(self, name):
        IbidSourceFactory.__init__(self, name)
        root = Plugin(name)
        root.putChild('', Index(name))
        root.putChild('message', Message(name))
        root.putChild('static', static.File(resource_filename('ibid', 'static')))
        root.putChild('RPC2', XMLRPC())
        root.putChild('SOAP', SOAP())
        self.site = server.Site(root)

    def setServiceParent(self, service):
        if service:
            return internet.TCPServer(self.port, self.site).setServiceParent(service)
            reactor.listenTCP(self.port, self.site)

    def url(self):
        return self.myurl

# vi: set et sta sw=4 ts=4:

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