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# Copyright (c) 2008-2010, Stefano Rivera, JJ Williams
# Released under terms of the MIT/X/Expat Licence. See COPYING for details.

from urllib2 import urlopen
from urllib import urlencode
from time import strptime, strftime
import logging
    from imdb import IMDb, IMDbDataAccessError, IMDbError
except ImportError:
    IMDb = IMDbDataAccessError = IMDbError = None

from ibid.compat import defaultdict
from ibid.plugins import Processor, match
from ibid.utils import human_join
from ibid.config import Option, BoolOption

log = logging.getLogger('plugins.film')

help = {}

help['tvshow'] = u'Retrieves TV show information from tvrage.com.'
class TVShow(Processor):
    u"""tvshow <show>"""

    feature = 'tvshow'

    def remote_tvrage(self, show):
        info_url = 'http://services.tvrage.com/tools/quickinfo.php?%s'

        info = urlopen(info_url % urlencode({'show': show.encode('utf-8')}))

        info = info.read()
        info = info.decode('utf-8')
        if info.startswith('No Show Results Were Found'):
        info = info[5:].splitlines()
        show_info = [i.split('@', 1) for i in info]
        show_dict = dict(show_info)

        #check if there are actual airdates for Latest and Next Episode. None for Next
        #Episode does not neccesarily mean it is nor airing, just the date is unconfirmed.
        show_dict = defaultdict(lambda: 'None', show_info)

        for field in ('Latest Episode', 'Next Episode'):
            if field in show_dict:
                ep, name, date = show_dict[field].split('^', 2)
                count = date.count('/')
                format_from = {
                    0: '%Y',
                    1: '%b/%Y',
                    2: '%b/%d/%Y'
                format_to = ' '.join(('%d', '%B', '%Y')[-1 - count:])
                date = strftime(format_to, strptime(date, format_from))
                show_dict[field] = u'%s - "%s" - %s' % (ep, name, date)

        if 'Genres' in show_dict:
            show_dict['Genres'] = human_join(show_dict['Genres'].split(' | '))

        return show_dict

    def tvshow(self, event, show):
        retr_info = self.remote_tvrage(show)

        message = u'Show: %(Show Name)s. Premiered: %(Premiered)s. ' \
                    u'Latest Episode: %(Latest Episode)s. Next Episode: %(Next Episode)s. ' \
                    u'Airtime: %(Airtime)s on %(Network)s. Genres: %(Genres)s. ' \
                    u'Status: %(Status)s. %(Show URL)s'

        if not retr_info:
            event.addresponse(u"I can't find anything out about '%s'", show)

        event.addresponse(message, retr_info)

# Uses the IMDbPY package in http mode against imdb.com
# This isn't strictly legal: http://www.imdb.com/help/show_leaf?usedatasoftware
# Note that it will return porn movies by default.
help['imdb'] = u'Looks up movies on IMDB.com.'
class IMDB(Processor):
    u"imdb [search] [character|company|episode|movie|person] <terms> [#<index>]"
    feature = 'imdb'

    access_system = Option("accesssystem", "Method of querying IMDB", "http")
    adult_search = BoolOption("adultsearch", "Include adult films in search results", True)

    name_keys = {
            "character": "long imdb name",
            "company": "long imdb name",
            "episode": "long imdb title",
            "movie": "long imdb title",
            "person": "name",

    def setup(self):
        if IMDb is None:
            raise Exception("IMDbPY not installed")
        self.imdb = IMDb(accessSystem=self.access_system, adultSearch=int(self.adult_search))

    def search(self, event, search_type, terms, index):
        if search_type is None:
            search_type = "movie"
        if index is not None:
            index = int(index) - 1

        result = None
            if terms.isdigit():
                result = getattr(self.imdb, "get_" + search_type)(terms)
                results = getattr(self.imdb, "search_" + search_type)(terms)

                if len(results) == 1:
                    index = 0

                if index is not None:
                    result = results[index]

        except IMDbDataAccessError, e:
            event.addresponse(u"IMDb doesn't like me today. It said '%s'", e[0]["errmsg"])

        except IMDbError, e:
            event.addresponse(u'IMDb must be having a bad day (or you are asking it silly things)')

        if result is not None:
            event.addresponse(u'Found %s', getattr(self, 'display_' + search_type)(result))

        if len(results) == 0:
            event.addresponse(u"Sorry, couldn't find that")
            results = [x[self.name_keys[search_type]] for x in results]
            results = enumerate(results)
            results = [u"%i: %s" % (x[0] + 1, x[1]) for x in results]
            event.addresponse(u'Found %(greaterthan)s%(num)i matches: %(results)s', {
                'greaterthan': (u'', u'>')[len(results) == 20],
                'num': len(results),
                'results': u', '.join(results),

    def display_character(self, character):
        desc = u"%s: %s." % (character.characterID, character["long imdb name"])
        filmography = character.get("filmography", ())
        if len(filmography):
            more = (u"", u" etc")[len(filmography) > 5]
            desc += u" Appeared in %s%s." % (human_join(x["long imdb title"] for x in filmography[:5]), more)
        if character.has_key("introduction"):
            desc += u" Bio: %s" % character["introduction"]
        return desc

    def display_company(self, company):
        desc = "%s: %s" % (company.companyID, company["long imdb name"])
        for key, title in (
                (u"production companies", u"Produced"),
                (u"distributors", u"Distributed"),
                (u"miscellaneous companies", u"Was involved in")):
            if len(company.get(key, ())) > 0:
                more = (u"", u" etc.")[len(company[key]) > 3]
                desc += u" %s %s%s" % (title, human_join(x["long imdb title"] for x in company[key][:3]), more)
        return desc

    def display_episode(self, episode):
        desc = u"%s: %s s%02ie%02i %s(%s)." % (
                episode.movieID, episode["series title"], episode["season"],
                episode["episode"], episode["title"], episode["year"])
        if len(episode.get("director", ())) > 0:
            desc += u" Dir: %s." % (human_join(x["name"] for x in episode["director"]))
        if len(episode.get("cast", ())) > 0:
            desc += u" Starring: %s." % (human_join(x["name"] for x in episode["cast"][:3]))
        if episode.has_key("rating"):
            desc += u" Rated: %.1f " % episode["rating"]
        desc += human_join(episode.get("genres", ()))
        desc += u" Plot: %s" % episode.get("plot outline", u"Unknown")
        return desc

    def display_movie(self, movie):
        desc = u"%s: %s." % (movie.movieID, movie["long imdb title"])
        if len(movie.get("director", ())) > 0:
            desc += u" Dir: %s." % (human_join(x["name"] for x in movie["director"]))
        if len(movie.get("cast", ())) > 0:
            desc += u" Starring: %s." % (human_join(x["name"] for x in movie["cast"][:3]))
        if movie.has_key("rating"):
            desc += u" Rated: %.1f " % movie["rating"]
        desc += human_join(movie.get("genres", ()))
        desc += u" Plot: %s" % movie.get("plot outline", u"Unknown")
        return desc

    def display_person(self, person):
        desc = u"%s: %s. %s." % (person.personID, person["name"],
                human_join(role.title() for role in (
                    u"actor", u"animation department", u"art department",
                    u"art director", u"assistant director", u"camera department",
                    u"casting department", u"casting director", u"cinematographer",
                    u"composer", u"costume department", u"costume designer",
                    u"director", u"editorial department", u"editor",
                    u"make up department", u"music department", u"producer",
                    u"production designer", u"set decorator", u"sound department",
                    u"speccial effects department", u"stunts", u"transport department",
                    u"visual effects department", u"writer", u"miscellaneous crew"
                ) if person.has_key(role)))
        if person.has_key("mini biography"):
            desc += u" " + u" ".join(person["mini biography"])
            if person.has_key("birth name") or person.has_key("birth date"):
                desc += u" Born %s." % u", ".join(person[attr] for attr in ("birth name", "birth date") if person.has_key(attr))
        return desc

# vi: set et sta sw=4 ts=4:

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