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ibid::plugins::Processor Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for ibid::plugins::Processor:

ibid::plugins::codecontest::Usaco ibid::plugins::conversions::UnicodeData ibid::plugins::geography::FlightSearch ibid::plugins::languages::Translate

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Detailed Description

Base class for Ibid plugins.
Processors receive events and (optionally) do things with them.

Events are filtered in process() by to the following attributes:
event_types: Only these types of events
addressed: Require the bot to be addressed for public messages
processed: Process events marked as already having been handled
permission: The permission to check when calling @authorised handlers

priority: Low priority Processors are handled first

autoload: Load this Processor, when loading the plugin, even if not
explicitly required in the configuration file

Definition at line 30 of file __init__.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def __new__
def process
def setup
def shutdown

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

 addressed = True
 autoload = True
tuple event_types = (u'message',)
int priority = 0
 processed = False

Private Member Functions

def _get_event_handlers
def _get_periodic_handlers
def _run_periodic_handler

Static Private Attributes

tuple __log = logging.getLogger('plugins')
 _event_handlers = None
 _periodic_handlers = None

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